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Enhance your Customer Experience (CX) by knowing your Customer Journey (CJ) and preferences across all channels

Quick and easily achieve a Single Customer View (SCV) - C360

Single Source of Truth, a Single Customer View is frequently also called as '360 degree view' or 'unified customer view'. SCV is a method for gathering data about your customers across all data sources and channels, and merging it into a single record (survivorship process).

Oi360 already has several omnichannel insights and metrics on your Customers that are ready for you to analyse. A Customer Journey (CJ) with the lastest events by channel is also provided.

Easily integrate data from several channels

It's quick and easy to gather and integrate all your data in just 3 steps through file or API.

Oi360 is a SAAS Product that you can easily subscribe. Simple as that, no complex and expensive setup projects.

Data Quality Processes (Cleansing and Matching)

Omnichannel Insights 360 automatically cleans and matches your data through data quality processes.

Omni Insights Dashboards

Access your Omnichannel Analytics gathering clean and consolidated data from all channels:

  • Customer Insights such as Churn, CLTV, Avg Revenue per Customer, Retention, Conversion and Demographics.
  • Event Insights: Cart abandonment rate by channel, search conversion, type of event by channel, word cloud, events by schedule and events by channel.
  • Sales and Products Insights: Total revenue, top selling products word cloud, sales origin (social networks, google, direct search), sales by channel, average revenue by channel, cart abandonment number and revenue.

Your Omnichannel Insights anywhere

Responsive for PC, Tablet or Smartphone, you can analyse your insights anytime, anywhere.

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User Friendly and Quick Setup

Ideal for E-commerce, Business and Marketing Users.

Easy Data Integration

Just start by integrating your data through file or API.

User Management

Add, and manage your users, change their permissions.

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